Relaxing, Unhurried consultations. Spiritual advice on health, relationships, careers or lost loved ones with over 40 years of professional experience.

Spiritual ADVICE

If you want a general reading, look to see whats around you now, look to the future, get answers to direct questions.


If you want to see if you can get messages from spirit. Bring with you a photo and or personal item from that person.


Reading generally last between 30 minutes up to an hour, we give readings during the day and in the evenings to suit you.


If you want advice on difficult questions and possible opportunities we can communicate from the spirit perspective.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Feel free to drop in or book online for a discount!

Local Inns

Drop in to your local pub and see glen

Local Markets

We love to meet people at local markets and events

Home Visits

Contact us to arrange a private reading in the comfort of your home

Discover our all Natural Health Solutions for Body and Spirit

If you need any help or advice on therapies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Get incredible value with our service packs. All members are eligible for regular discounts, apart from the seasonal offers and announcements. For every person reffered, you get 25% off on our Spa Package and Fitness Package.


Especially for you, from your spirit guide

Palm readings

Palm readings include many things, but is mainly focused on examining the lines on your hand.

Spirit Guides

Many Spirit Guides appear to be Native Indian, Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan or of ancient tribal earthly origin.

About Glen

Glen has over forty (40) years professional experience and is a gifted individual who brings insight, intuition and clarity.


Check out what others have experienced

Amazing service, It was an absolute pleasure to visit Glen, I will visit again soon.

John Ziller

Valued client

I'm amazed at how some of the things Glen told me were so specific and so right! great insight.

Candy Bando

Valued client

Incredible! Glen has helped me more than he could know. Really helpful advice, skeptic at first but was eye opening visit.

Ben Populus

Valued client